12 Caribbean Bloggers & Influencers You Should Follow For Major Style Inspo

12 Caribbean Bloggers & Influencers You Should Follow For Major Style Inspo

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As I thought about launching my blog, creating a post about the top Caribbean bloggers and influencers who inspired me on a daily basis was at the top of the list.

I’ve been reading fashion blogs, watching clothing hauls on YouTube, and getting major style inspo (and trend fomo) from Vogue, Elle, and Bazaar long before I started on my journey of blogging.

Back then, I would indulge in this content endlessly but it always stood out to me that I hardly ever came across any of it that was created by someone in the Caribbean.

Today, I don’t even have to go looking and my feed and inbox are flooded with style advice, trend alerts, and major inspo by countless Caribbean women totally killing the blogging, influencer, and content game.

The tagline on her blog is “style, perseverance and good conversation” and that’s exactly what you get when you’re following Toni.  Her personal style is impeccable and she has inspired me many a time to mix prints and colors that I never thought I could pull off. As the owner of her own fashion brand @maisonfifi, she has an eye for detail, trends, and pieces that will last for many seasons to come.

2. Arrianne Talma

Arrianne is a Trinidad and Tobago-native, but you can easily find her globetrotting in Dubai, across Europe or in the United States. Her personal style is an expression of that lifestyle and is represented through bright colors, florals, and a tropical flair that bring her back to her Caribbean roots. Her content gives off a glamorous vibe while still feeling authentic and down to earth. Follow her on instagram at @arriannetalma for style and travel inspo and check out her blog for more in depth takes on fashion, travel and lifestyle.

Okay, yes it’s a shameless plug I know, but I think you’re going to like what you see and read — after all, you are here reading this 🙂

3. The Curvy Trini

While body positivity is on the rise globally, it wasn’t always like this, especially in the Caribbean. In a region where we starve ourselves and push our bodies annually leading up to Carnival, joke about the Tabanka diet (crackers and water), or usually get ‘Child you put on weight’ as a greeting, loving yourself and letting the world see that can be a revolutionary act.

In many ways our region still conforms to “slim and trim” being synonymous with beauty.  Luckily we have people like Sarah Hamel-Smith breaking the mould and showing the world that being curvy is not only beautiful, it’s normal. She’s a plus-size model living in New York City, a body positive activist, and the beauty and brains behind @thecurvytrini. I highly recommend you check out her Ted Talk and follow along on her IG for some plus-size style inspo.


4. Natty Dreds

I first met Natisha from Natty Dreds at a blogger and influencer event hosted by Cedros Bay in Trinidad. Truth is, I had been following her on Instagram way before and fangirling at her outfits. Natisha takes retro-chic to the extreme in the BEST possible way. Honestly, I am constantly floored by how well she pulls off this vintage style in an almost effortless fashion, when in reality, I feel like I would have to plan for eons to pull off the looks she does. It’s what makes following her so interesting because I get to experience an aesthetic that I don’t otherwise interact with.

Follow her for major retro vybz and also because she’s a total sweetheart. I look forward to seeing her more!

5. Sinead Butcher

Being exclusively and authentically you is tough in a world where you’re constantly being pressured to fit in. What I love about following Sinead is that she talks the talk but also walks the walk — her blog SB Xclusive and her instagram demonstrate that her style is just that: it’s all hers. She has the ability to pull off a range of different looks and do it effortlessly — whether it’s a chic, girly outfit, or one with edgy New York flair. She’s also channeled her personal style into her own online boutique @eclatwoman

If you’re not already saving her posts for inspo the next time you go shopping, go check her out.

The Island Hijabi is a breath of fresh air on my Instagram feed in a social media world filled with Fashion Nova-esque models and influencers. With her chic, stylish, and girly hijabi styles, she gives me major Halima Aden vybz but with her own twist. She’s also the owner and founder of @IslamicJewels where she sells beautiful hijabi accessories for every occasion.

If you’re looking to grin from ear to ear while getting amazing fashion, life, and foodie advice, this mother-daughter team should definitely be on your Instagram feed. They’re fun loving and the joy in their connection shines through in their content. With their amazing outfits and killer content, it’s no surprise they’ve been featured in InStyle magazine. Check out their blog here.

Take a peak at Caribbean Cowgirl’s instagram page and you’d swear her photos came off the pages of Elle or Instyle. Oh wait…they did. She’s been featured in those magazines plus a plethora of others.  Her style is fierce, daring and her ability to effectively mix prints and colors gives me major style inspo (I need to step up my game!). She also owns her own online boutique called Shop Caribbean Cowgirl where she curates pieces that reflect the personal style displayed through her Instagram account. Make sure to also check out her blog.

When I visit The Business of Chic’s instagram page, I immediately get Caribbean, tropical vybz. Her feed is filled with colorful prints, bright colors, and you guessed it — a beautiful demonstration of her chic personal style. TBOC emobies Sherise’s personal style, travel adventures, natural hair love and a healthy and chic lifestyle. Check her out on her blog or Instagram.

A round up of Caribbean bloggers wouldn’t be complete without a blogger from the Spanish-speaking Caribbean. I first came across Surrounding Style while browsing through Instagram and was instantly drawn to her style which is a mixture of retro-chic and modern-day trendy. Follow her for your dose of polka dots, plaid, pearls, and headband inspo. She’s also the creator of a statement jewelry and accessory brand.

11. In Thing

I first came across Kamara when I saw Toni Fifi’s round up of Caribbean Bloggers and I’ve been style crushing ever since. 

If I had to sum up Kamara’s feed, it would be something like this: She’s that friend who is just effortlessly cool. She can pull off the season’s biggest trends, her style is unmatched and she just seems to do it without even trying. On top of that, her poses are FIERCE….  yet the feeling I get when I look at her content is that she’s a total sweetheart and someone I’d love to grab coffee with. 

Her blog is a treasure trove for style advice and finds, and she’s on the pulse of what’s happening in the fashion world. Definitely check her out!

Much like Kamara, I first discovered Krystle when I came across Toni Fifi’s round up of Caribbean Bloggers and I couldn’t get enough of the bright colors, pattern mixtures, and retro vybz. Krystle takes modern-vintage style to the next level and her content is a very welcomed reprieve to the cookie-cutter, fast-fashion looks that are prevalent on social media these days. I’ve never considered going for the retro look myself but after indulging in Krystle’s feed, I’m getting a feeling that I’ll be trying it very soon. Make sure to also check out her blog.

Who’s your favorite Caribbean Blogger or Influencer? Comment below so I can go check them out 🙂 

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