13 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas [Quarantine Edition]

13 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas [Quarantine Edition]

 If you’re anything like me and it only just hit you that Mother’s Day is a week away (sorry, mom!), you’re probably scrambling to figure out what you can get or do for mom on her special day.

In a normal year, Mother’s Day can present a real conundrum trying to figure out the best gift to get for mom. But this year, with a global pandemic, quarantine, and limited mobility on top of that, we’ve got ourselves a real pickle.

So as I sat down and struggled to think about what I wanted to get for my own mom based on what was available, I decided to create this blog post to help anyone else who may be trying to figure out their Mother’s Day gift.

It’s also worth noting that skipping a formal gift and going for something a bit more low-key could totally be an option this year given what is happening. The most important thing is just letting your mom know you care and that can be done by spoiling mom with a home cooked meal, writing her a hand written note, or just spending some quality time with her. If you’re not in the same place, a video call could do it.

If you would like to buy her something though, I’ve put together 13 local stores that are offering items for Mother’s Day along with information about their delivery options, prices and how to contact them.

What are you planning to buy for your mom for Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comments below and let me know if you have any other ideas.

Note: This post is geared towards a local audience in Trinidad and Tobago but can always serve as inspiration for items you may be able to find where you are.


Category: Self-Care, Hair, Skincare, Beauty Products

My Salon TT offers a wide range of professional and local hair and skincare products. If you want to pamper mom with products she’ll love for Mother’s Day, this would be a great place to check out. Their website includes all of the products they have available and their prices.

From body sprays and lotions, to masks, scrubs and styling products, they have all of the products and brands that mom would love.

Browse their website to see if there’s anything you know your mom loves. At checkout, you can also include a note which will be handwritten and attached to the package that will wrapped be like this:

Super cute, right?!

Tip: Bring out your detective skills and snoop around your mom’s bathroom or vanity and see if she’s running low on some products. Those could give you ideas of what to get her for Mother’s Day.


Go for one of their ready-made bundles

Cut off date for orders: Sunday, May 3rd

Delivery available: Yes




Category: Jewellery

 If your mom loves to dress up her outfits with jewellery, definitely check out Outright Apparel for Mother’s Day gift ideas. They offer a wide-range of items ranging from earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to anklets and rings. I love OA’s items for their playful and youthful vibes and they offer pieces for all types of occasions. 

OA has a website with all of their products and prices, as well as an app on the Google Play store that you can check out.


I recently got a few pieces from OA that I loved and tried on in this video. See if there’s any that your mom may love too!

Cut off date for orders: Friday, May 8th

Delivery available: Yes





Category: Lashes

If your mom likes to take her makeup to the next level with lashes, consider gifting her a beautiful set of lashes from Mariposa. 

If you’re not into makeup as much as your mom may be, I’ll cut to the important details: I use these lashes myself and I love them! These mink lashes are great, high-quality and they’re reusable so your mom will get a number of uses out of them. 

Mariposa offers this super cute ‘Lash Diaries’ set that comes with 3 different pairs of lashes in there that can be suitable for a range of different makeup looks from soft glam to all out glam.



Their Lash Diaries set $180TTD

Cut off date for orders: Saturday, May 9th

Delivery available: Yes




Category: Candles

While we all know that staying at home during quarantine is one of the best things we can do right now, it doesn’t always make the experience easier. One of the ways you can help mom get through her extended time at home is making her space more peaceful and enjoyable with scented candles.

I’m a HUGE fan of the premium soy wax candles made by Body by MIA. If I could have them in every room of my house, I would. They smell SO good!

A couple options you can consider for mom is to buy her 1 or 2 candles she may like ($200TTD each), a gift certificate so she can choose candles of her own choosing, or my personal preference: their monthly subscription box (more on this below)


I would personally recommend Body by Mia’s 6 or 12 month monthly candle subscription box. Every month, your mom will receive a box with an 8oz candle (or smaller candles that add up to 8oz), along with other artisan and complementing items in the box.

6 Month $1320

12 Month $2640

A couple more options:

Cut off date for orders: No cut off date. Limited stock available.

Delivery available: No, pickup in the West only




Category: Gifts, Mugs, Candles

A super cute option for mom on Mother’s Day is to get her a mug, a candle or other items with motivational or funny quotes on them. Okazions has a wide variety of these and over the last few years, I have shopped there when I needed to buy gifts for friends, family or colleagues and always found something they loved. 

If you have zero ideas for what to buy for mom, Okazions has something, so check them out. 


They’re offering custom care boxes. These can include candles, wine glasses, coffee mugs, adult colouring books etc. I would love to receive this as a gift if I was a mom (and even now when I’m not a mom yet!).

Cut off date for orders: Sunday, May 3rd for East-South Orders, Friday 8th for Port of Spain orders

Delivery available: Yes




Category: Designer Handbags, Clothing, Accessories

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to spoil mom with a designer handbag or watch if it’s in your budget this year! Investing in a gift like this will serve your mom for a long time to come and is sure to be something she’d really appreciate (in addition to all of your love and affection, of course!)

The Luxury Loft is a great place to shop for high quality handbags, clothing, watches, and accessories for mom and have brands like Kate Spade and Michael Kors.


It really depends on what your mom’s style but here are 2 options of bags I would buy for my mom:



Category: Jewellery, Accessories

Mod.Project is another awesome place to check out if your mom likes to accessorize with statement pieces. I love the unique vibe of their accessories and many seem like pieces that can be the focal point of an outfit.

Check out their Instagram and see if you like something for your mom. All orders will be packaged so you won’t have to worry about getting a gift bag or wrapping and they’re also happy to provide you with ideas based on what you may be looking for and your budget.


I would go with 1 or 2 of these earrings, and an inspirational bracelet ($75 each)


Cut off date for orders: Wednesday, May 6th

Delivery available: Yes



Category: Makeup & Skincare

If your mom loves makeup and skincare, there are very few ways you can go wrong with choosing this as a gift (just stay away from foundations and powders that require more personalization).

BleuGem is an awesome local store that provides high-quality makeup and skincare products from the brands we LOVE. Think Fenty Beauty, Huda, Juvia’s Place, Colorpop etc.

If you’re not sure what to choose for mom, my tip from earlier applies here as well:

Bring out your detective skills and snoop around your mom’s bathroom or vanity and see if she’s running low on some products. Those could give you ideas of what to get her for Mother’s Day.



I would either go for one of their sets like this one:

Or this one:

Or go for a pallete this one:

Or this one if you mom seems a bit more adventurous with her makeup:

Cut off date for orders: Not specified

Delivery available: Yes



Category: Press On Nails

With the quarantine, a lot of us (myself included) have not been able to visit our nail techs, salons, hair dressers etc., and man do we miss them! 

If your mom enjoys getting her nails done and has not been able to do so during quarantine, a great option would be to get her a set of press on nails from Everything Nails by Sade Adu. 

The set of nails can be customized to the style, color, and length your mom may like and all she has to do is press them on. She’ll look like she got her nails done right at home for $200TTD.


If you’re not sure of your mom’s style preference and don’t want to give away the gift idea, go with something simple like a red, a pink, or a nude and keep the nails at a low to medium length.

Here is a set that I got recently that I think fits into what I would recommend:

And a few others from Everything Nails:


Cut off date for orders: Wednesday, May 6th

Delivery available: Yes




Category: Cookies

If your mom has a sweet tooth, a great way to spoil her this Mother’s Day would be with some yummy and super cute cookies from The Salty Scone.

For Mother’s Day, they’re offering a unique set of cookies that honestly look more like art than cookies (they’re that good!). I think this would be a really sweet and simple way to let her know you care and the unique design really helps them to stand apart from what we’re accustomed to when we think about cookies.


Their Mother’s Day cookies set $175TTD


Cut off date for orders: Monday, May 4th

Delivery available: Yes



Category: Mosaic Goodies

If you look around your house, does your mom have decorative knick-knacks? Does she enjoy mosaics and colorful, unique pieces? If so, Trini Mosaics may be a great place to find her a gift.

They have ceramic crosses, lanterns, tables, mailboxes, key racks and more — all beautifully decorated with mosaic tiles.


A cross, tile, or a key rack would be my top options [Cross is $45TTD and key rack is $160TTD)

If budget is less of an issue, I would vote for the table! ($2500TTD)

Cut off date for orders: Saturday, May 9th

Delivery available: Yes, and pickup available at their studio




If you’d like to keep things a little more simple, or add something special to the gift you got for mom, consider getting one of these unique handmade cards.

They’re $30TTD and would be a great place to write a personalized note to mom letting her know how you feel about her.


Cut off date for orders: No specific cut off date, but only room for 2 more orders

Delivery available: In South yes, and otherwise at an agreed meeting point

Contact Mary on Instagram


Perhaps your mom prefers to shop for herself so shopping for her may be a bit difficult. Or maybe you just really don’t know what to buy for her. That’s okay.

In that case, one option you can consider is to buy her a gift certificate to a store she tends to shop at a lot, a restaurant she loves, or for a service she enjoys.

Once the quarantine is over, I’m sure she’d love to get out of the house so a gift certificate would be much appreciated.


Consider getting a gift certificate from these places:




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